Monday, March 21, 2011

Den-Me: Day 5

It's our 5th day here in Esbjerg and things got a little hairy. The morning draw was against Scotland and while the girls played well they just couldn't get over that hump from yesterday. Needless to say this called for drastic measures. It was time to bring out the mohawks. The boys and I had talked about it in a drunken stupor after the banquet on Saturday and I really hadn't thought about it since. But there we were, during the break between draws, in a barbershop in downtown Esbjerg shaving our heads. The magic that took place in the shop followed us to the rink and was transferred to the ice as Team Canada roared outta the gates and took down Norway to bring them back into the win column. I think they have finally gotten the monkey off of their backs and will be set for the homestretch.

It goes without saying that we all look fantastic, although some more than others.
Perry looks like he was born to sport a mohawk. We unfortunately could not find any red dye in stores but one of our fellow fans from Yorkton kindly informed us he had brought some, so look for us tomorrow.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Den-me: Day 4

Um yeah...I'm just gonna go ahead and say yesterday got a little weird. From here on out I promise to never make a post when drunk again. When I woke up this morning I was concerned because I couldn't really remember what I had talked about and my fears were confirmed. The Denmark post was ok but the other just didn't fit.

Anyway, on to today. There isn't much to say about the two games today. The afternoon game against Russia was forgettable, but, the second game against Denmark was better. The girls made a lot of good shots and had pressure on the Danes but their skip was just unconscious tonight; she played great. I thought we had them in 10 but she made a great freeze. Oh well, we will put those 2 games behind us and move on. The girls play Scotland and Norway back to back so it will be tough but I have full confidence in their ability.

Speaking of the Norwegians, the skip, Linn Githmark certainly isn't ugly. And speaking of ugly, I finished my rum today. A 40 just doesn't go as far as they used to. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more wins, rum and double dream hands. That's right guys, The DDH have officially invaded Denmark. It is now everywhere Riley.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Den-Me: Day 3

The girls had their first game today. It was a close tough one against China but they fought their way through it. Amber made a great shot in 6 to get 4 but we had a scare in 7 and almost gave 3 back. We held on though and it was a great first win.

After the game we checked out the "Social Lounge". Jolene is not kidding; our entourage pretty much fills it. It is about the size of a normal Timmy's. It is pretty sad but considering our team has the most fans and we will drink the most, I guess it fits us.

After the lounge the Schneider's and us went on a little tour. We visited the Commonwealth War Cemetery, the local fishing museum and aquarium and the famous local statues on the beach. Along the way we stopped at the memorial dedicated to all the fisherman who had lost their lives at see. The names dated back to 1901 and went to 1992. It was pretty touching. After the memorial we went to the war cemetery. Besides the curling this is what I was most looking forward to. It was a sobering experience to see all of the graves of the men who had given their lives for our freedom. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. It was an overwhelming experience for me to see all of those graves, especially the unknown graves. The inscription "Known Unto God" was enough to bring a tear to my eye. We owe them so much. It was also nice to see that the German soldiers were also honoured, even though they were the aggressors in the war. Even though they died fighting for an evil regime, they still sacrificed their lives so that others may live.

The aquarium and fishing museum brought a more lighthearted mood back to the afternoon, especially the seals. It was almost like watching puppies they way they played and acted for their food. It was also cool because the museum housed a WWII bunker. It was hard to get away from the war today.

Once we finished lunch we headed across the road from the aquarium to the Four Men at the Sea statues. It is four white concrete guys staring out into the sea. I believe its supposed to represent the fishermen of some such but it is mostly just a photo op location. It is where Jared and I decided to unfurl the Rider Pilsner flag and represent our Rider Pride. You can't go anywhere without it. We also saw some more German bunkers and fortifications that made up the Atlantic Wall. They dot the West Danish coast because they were too expensive to move. The ones we saw were just barely sticking out of the dunes and had long ago been filled in with dirt. They were nothing more than relics of a troubled past but were interesting nonetheless.

We also stuck our feet in the water at the Four Men and fuck was it cold. After about 5 seconds you couldn't feel your feet anymore, but it was nice to say we did it. [

The opening banquet was tonight and wow was that disappointing. Compared to the Scotties last year in the Soo it was brutal. First of all there was no real structure and it was if the other team did not take it seriously. Our girls were dressed to the nines was what we expected of the others but only the Americans and the Germans attempted to dress up. The others all wore trainers with wind pants or jeans. It was embarrassing. We said if a the teams tried that in Canada we would be fined. The supper was also disappointing as it consisted of appetizers that was it. There was no main course. The food was decent but we expected more. The only highlight was the open bar.

The disappointment of the banquet was soon rectified by the events back at the hotel. Ken and Perry (Amber's brother-in-law) provided the entertainment for the majority of the night. After that they gave way to Perry and Kent, Jolene and Amber's dads, respectively.

Overall it was a good day, but tomorrow is when the game really starts. We won't have much time to do much more touristy stuff, it will mainly be curling from here on out. Although there is talk of getting mohawks and dyeing them red. Only time will tell if we go through with it. We got Russia and Denmark tomorrow. Shouldn't be the toughest day but you never know.

Sorry about the long post but there was alot going on today. And if there are spelling or grammar errors I apologize it is really late and I am pretty drunk so whatever. Sue me. Tomorrow should be good. Long day of drinking ahead.

Future Marc out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Den-Me: Day 1-2

Well we finally made it here. It took us about 20 or so hours but we are now in Esbjerg. We flew into Copenhagen and had a couple of hours in the train station before we left for Esbjerg so we went out and took a gander. Turns out we were right across the street from Tivoli Gardens which was the only place I knew about in the Cope so that was cool. It was closed for the season but the gates were open so we went in anyway. Didn't get very far before we got kicked out though. We really only walked around the park but it was enough to make some observations.

1. The Danes love their bikes. There are probably just as many bikes on the road as their are cars. They even have special lanes for them.

2. There are no fat people. But almost everyone smokes, go figure.

3. They love their 7-11. Not even shitting you, their was three in the train station alone, all within 300m of each other. On the walk around the park we saw 5 of them. all within 1 square mile. It was nuts. And they are better than our sevs. You can buy anything there, even hard alcohol.

The train ride to Esbjerg was uneventful but nice. Got to see some of the country. Even saw some buffalo. Our hotel is alright, our rooms are like a dorm but we are close to the arena which is good for stumbling home. There is also supposed to be a bar here that is open until 6am but we haven't found it yet.

We went downtown and walked on Denmark's longest pedestrian mall. It's a nice town because there is little commercialization. Only the aforementioned 7-11s and a couple of McDonald's so far.

Opening ceremonies were pretty good. The drumline was pretty entertaining. Apparently they are some soldiers who won Denmark's Got Talent last season. The crown prince of Denmark threw the first stone. Apparently he's a big deal here. Who knew. Tomorrow we play the Chinese in our first game so hopefully we can have a good game and get off to a good start.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So here we go on another adventure. For the next 10 days or so I will be in Esbjerg, Denmark for the 2011 World Women's Curling Championships. I will try to post on regular basis but I will probably be too tired or drunk to remember. Mostly drunk. But let's face it nobody really cares about the shit on this site. It's more for my own enjoyment. Maybe I will have some awesome black out posts. Maybe then it will be interesting. Until that happens, the next time you hear from me I will be from the future.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Future is Bleak

I was just watching Wheel of Fortune and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was amazing proof that Americans are terrible at geography. It took them a minute and 3 tries each to figure out A_c_land New Zealand. Then Pat Sajak says "Its just a little town. Its the capital actually. Its not important. Its on a map." Mind blowing.

But I guess that isn't surprising because according to the spell check on Blogger, which is run by Google, Zealand isn't a word. Its got the little red line under it. It boggles the mind. I knew Americans were a little thick, but I could never have thought in my wildest dreams it was this bad. And they are the leaders of the free world. God help us.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Page Reboot

It's been a while since I have written on this page; truth be told I had forgotten I even had it. I will attempt to update it as much as possible but I know it won't be that often. I just suffer from typing diarrhea, a lot comes out but nothing of substance. Its difficult to decide what to post; what the hell though, I'll give it another go. It can't be that hard. Most people with blogs are legally retarded, but then again so am I.